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CANDii ★

Bidding goodbye to this blog.
Thanks to all those who love reading my blog. Thanks a bunch guys! Well, just click those red links in my latest and last post to stay connected to me. Bye!

Thursday, September 9, 2010 | 2:41 PM | (3) comments | write something

I'm already annoyed at people posting some advertisements in my chatbox. Know what? Your advertisements are lame. Sorry but it is for me. =\  Another thing, I am lazy to do this kind of blogging already. So you can freely remove me from your links page. Thank you. If you wanna know where I lurk, find me here: (just click the red links)

I now blog in Tumblr so just find me there. But note, I'm  always present in crunchyroll.

That's all. This blog is CLOSED.